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Level One Class

Basic Concealed Weapons Class

3 hours $75

Our level 1 class is meant as an introductory level class. We complete an in­depth legal review outlining the lawful ownership,possession and use of a firearm. The student is provided with all the materials needed to successfully complete the course. As a class, we discuss specific elements that directly affect our ability to use a firearm for self protection, as well as the for protection of those we love.

Our legal review covers the following:

  1. What is a Concealed Firearm?
  2. What is Open Carry? Is it Legal? If so, under what circumstances?
  3. Where is it NOT legal to possess a lawfully Concealed Weapon?
  4. How can you legally transport a firearm in your private vehicle? Loaded? Unloaded?
  5. The laws concerning,
    1. Florida Firearm Registration
    2. Possession on your own property or place of business/employment
    3. Reciprocity, Which states recognize my Concealed Weapon License
  6. Justifiable Use of Force aka “Stand Your Ground Law”
    1. Imminent Death
    2. Great Bodily Harm
    3. Forcible Felony
    4. What is your duty to retreat
  7. Home Invasion
    1. Defending the interior of your home with a firearm

We then discuss the 5 basic key elements of handguns:

  1. The components and functionality of both a revolver and a semi­automatic handgun
  2. The proper amount of grip and positioning of the gun in your hands, while in both a shooting and not shooting position
  3. The most responsive position to hold and maneuver with a handgun, while maintaining complete control of the handgun and observing situational awareness
  4. Plausible sight alignment, that will facilitate practical reactionary shooting capabilities
  5. The three different techniques for recoil absorption and which one is the most suitable for real-world encounters

State Application Review

I’ll provide every student with a complete State of Florida application. Together we’ll go over how to properly complete all of the areas that are required and your options on submitting the application to the Department of Agriculture.

We will then discharge a firearm and you’ll receive your Certificate of Competencey!


"Thanks again for a wonderful class. You were entertaining, informative, and a great teacher! 5stars

by Gloria N.

I am a woman that had been interested in getting my concealed weapon license for a long time. After discussing getting my CWL with some of my friends, they had also been thinking about getting their licenses. I decided to invite friends over to my house for Concealed Weapon License Party. Matt’s class is very informative, empowering, and entertaining. This class will prepare you to own and operate a concealed weapon as well as understand the laws. He brings the weapons to the class so all you need to do is show up.


by Becky P

I attended Matt’s Concealed Weapon License class and he spends sufficient. I did not have experience with handguns but felt very comfortable after the class that I could operate the gun, and had a clear understanding my legal limitations. Matt’s class should be mandatory for everyone with or without a gun. 5stars

by Mark H