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Level Two Class

Advanced Concealed Weapon Class

2 hours, $40 all classroom materials provided.

Our level 2 class conducts extensive legal review to, include any known about recent legal changes.

  1. What is a Concealed Firearm?
  2. What is Open Carry? Is it Legal? If so, under what circumstances?
  3. Where is it NOT legal to possess a lawfully Concealed Weapon?
  4. How can you legally transport a firearm in your private vehicle? Loaded? Unloaded?
  5. The laws concerning,
    1. Florida Firearm Registration
    2. Possession on your own property or place of business/employment
    3. Reciprocity, Which states recognize my Concealed Weapon License
  6. Justifiable Use of Force aka “Stand Your Ground Law”
    1. Imminent Death
    2. Great Bodily Harm
    3. Forcible Felony
    4. What is your duty to retreat
  7. Home Invasion
    1. Defending the interior of your home with a firearm

Situational preparedness

As a class, we’ll watch actual real world video footage of criminal activity. We’ll then discuss what we would do ­vs­ what the victim did ­vs­ what we should do!

Then we’ll conclude with brief re­familiarization of basic handgun techniques. To include:

  1. Propper Grip
  2. Sight Alignment
  3. Trigger Control
  4. Stance
  5. Recoil Absorption
  6. Target Acquisition


"Thanks again for a wonderful class. You were entertaining, informative, and a great teacher! 5stars

by Gloria N.

I am a woman that had been interested in getting my concealed weapon license for a long time. After discussing getting my CWL with some of my friends, they had also been thinking about getting their licenses. I decided to invite friends over to my house for Concealed Weapon License Party. Matt’s class is very informative, empowering, and entertaining. This class will prepare you to own and operate a concealed weapon as well as understand the laws. He brings the weapons to the class so all you need to do is show up.


by Becky P

I attended Matt’s Concealed Weapon License class and he spends sufficient. I did not have experience with handguns but felt very comfortable after the class that I could operate the gun, and had a clear understanding my legal limitations. Matt’s class should be mandatory for everyone with or without a gun. 5stars

by Mark H